What is the Activity Finder?

The Activity Finder will be an online tool where people in Hertfordshire (residents and professionals) can search for opportunities to be physically active around them. It will use Open Data to search for details about all different types of opportunities and show them in one place.Who can have their activities on the Activity Finder?

Anyone offering physical activity sessions can 'open' their activity data to appear in our Activity Finder searches.

Do I need to create an account on Open Sessions?

Yes, it's simple to register and you will just need to confirm your email address before being allowed to upload a session.

Where do I create an Open Sessions account?

You can create an Open Sessions account for free here: https://www.opensessions.io/#/home

Why should I open my activity session data?

The Activity Finder will help you reach new audiences and grow your participant numbers, for free! HSP are working in partnership with a number of organisations across the county to develop the activity funder tool as the 'go to' place to find physical activity opportunities. Whether it's members of the public, health professionals, community support workers, social prescribers, the list goes on.. but everyone will be using the same tool to find new opportunities.

Is there a cost to have my activity advertised?

Absolutely not. Opening your session data to the tool is completely free and you can link back to your own website from here. However, if you wish to incorporate payment and/or booking systems there are chargeable options for this.

Does opening my data mean passing on personal information?

No. Opening your activity data will involve information such as your activity location, dates, times, costs but no personal information is made publicly available (unless you choose to share contact details for your session). Only the information you enter will be used so you are in complete control.

Where will my sessions be displayed?

Activities can also be displayed on other activity finders i.e. activities uploaded via Open Sessions can also be seen on London and Essex's activity finder, so for activities in South and East Hertfordshire you could reach new audiences through those finders as well as the HSP Moving More Activity Finder. Plus, finders like Parasports which displays activities specifically focused on disability.

What stage is the tool at right now?

We want to avoid launching an empty tool so we are currently working with activity providers to ensure that those wishing their sessions to appear on the Activity Finder can do so before we launch the tool to the masses in early November.

Can I upload my online physical activity opportunity?

Yes! There are options for both face to face and online opportunities.

Do I need a photo to upload to my session?

You can upload a session without a photo, but you will be given an automated photo. We recommend trying to find a relevant photo or logo that links with your session as this may attract people to look at your session.

My club/organisation already has an online system, can I link this up?

Yes, it is possible for your activities to automatically be published via your system if it is OpenActive compliant. Here is a list of the compliant systems - https://www.openactive.io/how-to-do-it/system-provider-guide/

My system is not on the compatible list, what can I do?

There still may be a way to get your system to link up, contact Tom Marley from Played who will be able to advise and work with you to explore the options available - tom@played.com

Is their support available when uploading sessions?

Yes, there is a little blue button in the ride hand corner when you are using Open Sessions, that you can select and ask for help.

Has there been any significant changes to the system since 2019 when HSP first pushed it out?

Yes, the system has come on leaps and bounds since then in a number of ways. There is more open data, the quality of the data has improved, the systems like the activity finders have improved a lot too and the industry is getting to know what open data is and starting to embrace it.

For any other questions please join us on the Activity Finder Support Webinar (details above), or email Jane Parker at j.parker20@herts.ac.uk