Workout as Family

We know how crucial it is to lead a healthy lifestyle and stay active. We cheer on our kids to go out and play or join sports, and we might hit the gym ourselves. We understand the value of physical activity so much that we make a point to schedule time for it. But here's the thing – we don't always think about working out together as a family. We make time for family game or movie nights, but family workouts tend to slip our minds. It might sound a bit funny, but there are actually a lot of good reasons to give it a shot! The workouts below are all things you can take part in as a family!

This Girl Can

To get you inspired, This Girl Can teamed up with Disney and families across England to show you some of the ways mums and kids get moving to the songs they love.

Cosmic Yoga

Through entertaining yoga practices and dynamic movement, Cosmic Kids engages young and old mind alike by keeping their bodies active even when inside.

NHS Change4Life 

From 10 Minute Shake Up games to information about active hobbies and sports, here is everything you need to get your family moving!

Studio You

Studio You is our answer to getting more girls moving, bringing fun to physical activity – and helping every girl, regardless of background and ability, to enjoy PE.

School Games

Helping young people to boost their health and wellbeing by promoting physical activity before, during and after school day.

Couch to Family Fit.

Enjoy getting fit as a family from home by following these fun online workouts that are suitable for all levels ages and are flexible to fit into your schedule.