About Moving More

Welcome to Moving More! 

Moving More is a collaborative movement that seeks to encourage Hertfordshire residents to improve their physical activity levels and experience all the physical, mental and social health benefits that being more active can bring.

The website is home to the Moving More Activity Finder (formally known as Hertfordshire Activity Finder) which has developed over many years and now provides a 'one stop shop' for discovering physical activity opportunities in Hertfordshire. Whether you are looking for ways to get yourself more active, or looking for someone else, there are thousands of activities to search through to help get Hertfordshire moving more. 

In addition to the activity finder the Moving More website also has an area to discover new ways to be active at home as well as lots of helpful information about the importance of being physically active. 

You can read more about Moving More below, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Why is the Moving More Activity Finder needed?

Physical inactivity is associated to one in six deaths in the UK and, as such, is one of our nations most significant killers.

The UK Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Guidelines suggest that anyone 18+ should take part in a minimum of 150 minutes physical activity a week in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately more than a third of the adult population in Hertfordshire are not meeting this guideline with one in five taking part in less than 30 minutes activity a week.

Our children and young people are even less active with nearly 50% of our 5-16 year olds not meeting the 60 minute a day CMO minimum guideline and more then a quarter averaging less than 30 minutes a day.

The good news is that it's the least active that stand to benefit the most by moving more in their day to day life, but this can be a daunting ask for someone with no history in physical activity - especially when Sport England research has shown that people find it twice as easy to use the internet to book a holiday or order takeaway than to book a sports facility or exercise class.

This is why Moving More is needed - helping Hertfordshire residents to find appropriate, affordable and accessible ways to build physical activity into their lives.

Visit our 'Why should I be active?' page to understand why being active is so good for you. 

How does the Moving More Activity Finder work?

The Activity Finder is powered by open data which means that activity activity providers have agreed for their session data to be available for anyone to access use and share. This data is known as 'open opportunity data' and contains information such as where and when an activity is taking place so that an individual can decide whether they may like to take part.

The Activity Finder then pulls together all of the Hertfordshire physical activity open opportunity data into one convenient place for people to search and discover new ways to be active. Just like if you want to go on holiday but not sure where you may use an open data search tool like Expedia to find something, or if you want a takeaway you may use a tool like Deliveroo or Uber Eats. If you want to find a physical activity but you're not sure what your local options are, use Moving More.

The nature of open data means that you shouldn't any out of date information with Moving More which can be a problem with posters, leaflets or 'static' published online information.

For for information about physical activity open data you can visit the Open Active website. 

Our recent webinar with experts in the field of Activity Finders is a great place to start if you wish to know more!

How can I include my physical activity session on the Moving More Activity Finder?

Including your session in activity finder has never been simpler. If you have an existing booking system you may be able to connect directly from there but if that isn't possible you can open your session data using Open Sessions - a free to use open data upload tool.

You can see more information about both approaches within the 'Upload Your Sessions' on this website.

If you have any issues you can complete our contact request form and a member of staff will be in touch to help you. 

Who owns or runs the Moving More Activity Finder?

Due to the open data approach of the activity finder there is no administration required to upload activities to the tool as this comes directly from the opportunity deliverers (or their booking systems do!).

However, the Herts Sport & Physical Activity Partnership lead the development and operation of Moving More in collaboration with Hertfordshire County Council and the HertsOne GP Federation who also share a vision of the importance of encouraging greater physical activity in Hertfordshire. In addition there is a wider partnership helping to develop and grow Moving More across the county including District and Borough Councils, GP surgeries, Housing Associations, Healthy Hubs and other community and voluntary organisations and many more! 

Enter your location below to find a physical activity near you. 

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