Low Impact

At any age physical activity improves muscle strength, endurance and reaction time, as well as bone density and posture. As we get older being active is particularly important. It can help to improve your health and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. However you are feeling these workouts can help you get moving more so you will feel better for longer!

Strength and Balance

Strength and Balance in partnership with HSP are designed for individuals wanting to improve their strength and balance while learning new exercise to help maintain independence

Move it or Lose it!

Move it or lose it are classes which have been developed with experts to help improve your flexibiilty, aerobic health, and strength and balance. All the workouts can be done seated or standing.

10 Today

A set of fun, 10-minute audio and video workouts, intended to easily fit into your day, that help you get stretching and moving at home.

NHS Balance Exercises.

These simple exercises can be done art home to help improve your health and mobility.

Joe Wicks Workouts for Seniors

Joe Wicks workouts for seniors are 16 sessions that will get your joints moving, elevate your heart rate and improve your flexibility and strength.

NHS Fitness studio

Try the NHS instructor led exercise videos, including aerobic exercises, strength and resistance training, Pilates and yoga.