How to add the Moving More iframe window to your website


If you have people visiting your website that you think would benefit from discovering local physical activities, then maybe you should think about hosting the Moving More iframe. With this new development, anyone can host their own virtual window to the Moving More Activity Finder directly from their own website. One of the primary benefits of the Moving More iframe is it channels the Activity Finder into your website, enabling users to search activities without leaving your page. 

You can see an example of the iframe in action below: 

We think this function would be great for any websites engaging the public where there is an interest in promoting community health and wellbeing. Whether the website is directly focussed on healthcare, or more community spirited, you can help keep your community more healthy by offering a seamless connection to discovering new ways to be physically active.

What more, adding the Moving More iframe could boost the profile of your website, driving more traffic to your website which could then elevate your own online presence.

Click the button below for the guide on how to install the iframe to your website. 

If you have any questions, or experience any difficulties in using the Moving more iframe, please contact Linzi Hyde on