Long Term Health Conditions and Disability.

If you live with a disability or long term health condition, finding a way to approach exercise that works with your lifestyle can be a challenge — but with the right perspective, it can be an exciting adventure. Start by identifying the areas where you want to make a change. Would it be helpful if you had a stronger core to help with standing up, or is lower body strength more critical? If you have the mobility, do you want to run or play some basic sport? The below workouts are a great way to start.

We Are Undefeatable

Discover how you can find ways of enjoying new activities - or those you've loved in the past - that work for you, depending on how you are able to move.

Bounceback Exercise

Bounceback exercise, was started to help people facing the challenges of cancer and neurological diseases experience the benefits of exercise. 


WheelPower have live classes thorough out the week, aswell as over 40 online classes, to fit into your fitness routine.

Love to Move

British Gymnastics Foundations Love to Move Program is a and a dementia friendly seated gymnastics program.

Limb Power

LimbPower are focusing on agility, balance, co-ordination, flexibility (Range of Motion), strength and conditioning for this programme. You can also have a look at the OttoBock Application "Fitness for Amputees" on your phone.

Virtual Village Hall

The Virtual Village Hall is a online hub and community designed to help people stay physically and mentally active.