High Impact

High-impact workouts are a type of exercise that involves high-intensity movements with some light (or heavy) impact that can challenge your body and improve athletic performance and fitness levels. High-impact exercise is not for everyone, though. You need to be able to withstand the impact of your feet hitting the ground to tolerate it. If high-impact exercise isn’t comfortable for you, low-impact exercise can still offer you a good workout. High-impact exercise can improve cardiovascular fitness, bone mineral density, muscular strength, endurance, reaction time, and athletic performance.

Couch to Fitness.

Get active from the comfort of your own home with Couch to Fitness by Our Parks. bit by bit you will feel fitter.

NHS Workouts

These 10 mins workouts are great to get your heart pumping and are a good way to start getting your 150mins of exercise a week.

ADIDAS 28 day workout plan

Looking for a beginner workout with no equipment? Look no further, this 28 day challenge is a great way to get started. 

NERD Fitness

NERD Fitness's online coaches specialize in getting people fit without having to leave the house. They have free to download workouts, ranging from beginner workouts to more advanced HIIT workouts.