Ways to be Active at Home

Staying active doesn't necessarily require leaving your home; there are numerous ways to engage in physical activity within the convenience of your own home You can discover some of these activities on our Activity Finder. Our collection of videos offers free workout sessions, ranging from high-intensity routines to exercises suitable for the whole family to take part in!

Working out with your family.

Engaging in physical activities as a family can serve as an excellent means of staying active collectively. We offer a diverse range of home workouts that everyone can enjoy!

Low impact and seated.

These gentle exercise can be done at home and can help with improving your mobility and prevent falls, do not worry if you have not done any physical activity for a while, these are easy to follow.

High Impact workouts.

If you are looking to add a fun challenge to your workout high impact might be just the thing, you can get a great workout and improve coordination!

Long Term Health Conditions and Disability.

For people living with a long-term condition the benefits of physical activity outweigh the risk, physical activity is safe even for people living with symptoms of multiple long-term conditions. Even a small amount of physical activity can help!

Get active outside

Whether it's your surrounding area, a park or your garden, getting outdoors can boost your mood and reduce anxiety, These free to use apps will help you get the most of being outside.

Enter your location below to find an in person physical activity near you. 

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